Out of Sink

On August 30th, I was lucky enough to catch a local show at the Vanguard. Four bands played – three of which are from right here in Oklahoma. The bands were Overcast, Out of Sink, Adventurer, and All For More.

I had heard Out of Sink before on Spotify, so when they came on the other night, I had some prior knowledge of their music. Very pop rock was their sound – to me, there was a 2000s Good Charlotte vibe to it. Heavy on the guitar and drums, with loud lyrics and a complimentary vocalist, was the specialty for this band, at least as far as their recorded songs went.

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Meeting All For More

When looking for local bands to give a listen, I came across a band called All For More. Only two songs of theirs had been released at the time – ‘Her Bliss’ and ‘I’m All Ears’ – and after playing them through, I was hooked.

The sound was pop, rock, and grunge, all rolled into a pretty package of cohesion. Strong vocals, great beats, and awesome guitar riffs make this band one you don’t want to miss. So, I sent them a message on Facebook asking for an interview.

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