Spotless Mind mix up style on new release

   Self proclaimed “eclectic punk” band, Spotless Mind, broke onto the Tulsa scene in 2018 with their self-titled debut EP.  Less than a year later, the band has come back with their second EP, “A Matter Of Opinion.”

   This release finds the band shifting away from the soundscape of their debut. Originally boasting a more traditional punk sound,  “A Matter Of Opinion” is softer and more subdued. From an acoustic track to a song that resembles Blink-182, there is a less intensity found here. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but a point that will remain important throughout this review.

   One initial stand-out feature comes in the bass work. Many songs here are driven by the instruments, as it frequently sets the main hook. Tonally, the bass is soft and muted, which often compliments the more fuzzed out guitar sound. This allows for an interesting juxtaposition between the two sounds, creating an engaging listen. Couple this with drums that are fun and full of life, and instrumentally, this EP shines.

   Standing far above the rest of the EP, “Peachy” is sardonic track that discusses the meaning of being a man, and the uncertainty of life. A distorted guitar takes the ultimate lead, shredding through riffs and solos. This song captures angst and confusion in a swift three minutes and can bring a good chuckle with some of the lyrical wit displayed.

   Another standout is “Tripped And Fell.” This is an incredibly catchy number where each band member is firing on all cylinders.  Starting strong with an excellent guitar lick, the track builds tension through the verses until a euphoric chorus releases all tension with an anthemic sing-along.

   While the album has a lot of solid moments, an unfortunate gripe must be had with the aforementioned shift in sound. While the actual shift is not inherently bad, the new approach leaves the vocals confused. On the self-titled EP, the harsher sound was complimented with a grittier vocal delivery. With this softer sound, a more melodic approach is necessary. Unfortunately, this is not always a well suited shift.

   Most tracks do not suffer from this issue, as all but one do not seem too bogged down. The one track that does take a hit is “Happy Sunshine.” The chorus falls flat, with not enough vocal energy being pumped through it.

   As a whole, this project is good. While the shift away from a more distorted sound does not always work, many interesting production and lyrical choices keep the EP’s head above water. Everything here is just “peachy.”

The Odyssey’s “Stormcoming “EP is a Breath of Fresh Air

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Local Oklahoma band, The Odyssey, has come out with their first EP, Stormcoming.

The EP features six tracks, each fulfilling the title’s vibe. Each song shows the range and duality of what the band is capable of when it comes to the writing of their music. With a definite mixture of musical influences including a bluesy-rock sound, the new EP is one that you don’t want to sleep on.

Back in November 2018, we sat down with the band, and they gave us a glimpse into what this EP would sound like. Each member, Cobey Brown, Derek Johnson, and Elijah Avery, put everything they have into their music. This reflects on the quality of this EP; each song has its own story, from love to heart break, and the light and dark themes play with each other in a riveting set of tracks.

Listening to Stormcoming for the first time, I couldn’t help but notice the feeling of liveliness that rushes through the EP. With track number one, “I Love You Back”, it opens strong in the best possible way. Thunderous vocals and catchy guitar riffs echo all throughout this song, along with each of the others on the track list.

Through the roller-coaster of different musical styles, it seems a bit hard to keep up with, but it all works together in the end. There are different genres mixed into the six songs with touches of rock, folk, blues, and alternative. Every time I listen through the EP, there are definite musical influences that were used for inspiration – including tones that take you back to 70s and 90s rock music.

The instrumentals on the record are phenomenal as well; each song has its own unique sound.

A personal favorite “Forgotten Souls”, incorporates a soulful saxophone to accompany the guitar solo toward the end of the song. The range of diversity in the instrumental gives the songs a hypnotic theme that truly enchants you.

This goes for the other songs on the track such as “Greener Pastures” and “75 to Ramona”, which are both emotionally-rich and passionate. The music they produced for this EP is truly timeless. The Odyssey brings a raw and unique sound that is exceptional, both lyrically and musically.

Listen to the new EP here: